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One of the most commonly bought types of essays is the research proposal. A research proposal is applicable to many situations and writing tasks that vary from writing dissertations, research papers, and thesis. The difference between an essay and the other form of papers is that essays do not require actual collection and analysis of data. The research proposal acts as a blueprint for guiding any research work that a writer intends to conduct. Those who buy essay do so in good faith and their assumption is that a research proposal was actually drafted before the essays that they buy were prepared. For instance, it would be wrong to convince someone to buy an essay that was poorly written because there was no research proposal that would guide the actual research. Since some people who buy essay find it hard to prepare a research proposal, they only buy essay only and present it to their tutors for grading. This is usually wrong since the tutor may want to know how one conducted the study and details that can only be presented in form of a research proposal.
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This does not mean that it is wrong to buy essay without the proposal. It is only recommended to buy essay together with its proposal and this would even help one to understand why some things were included and others excluded from the report. The question that one would ask is the cost involved whenever one wants to buy essay and its proposal. The answer to this question cannot be provided without those who want to buy the essay asking themselves what the benefits of the essay are. Since the merits to buy essay with the research proposal exceeds the demerits when the proposal is omitted, people should buy essay and its proposal.

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